Information for Realtors
Buyer's realtors are welcome. The Buyer's Realtor commission will be 3.5% on the first $100,000 and 1.5% on the balance of the accepted offer.
The Sellers are not seeking Realtor representation at this time. Cathy Reynolds will be acting on behalf of the owner to show and market the home and the owners will negotiate offers with Buyers or Buyers' Realtors directly.
Information for Potential Buyers
We look forward to negotiating and accepting offers from potential buyers directly. Besides reducing costs, we have found that the offer negotiation process is generally more expedient and rewarding for both parties when conducted directly rather than via realtors. We are, however, happy to work with a Buyer's Realtor also if the buyer feels more comfortable with Realtor representation.
20802 - 25th Av, 'Dairy Road'
Bellevue, Crowsnest Pass,

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